Book the assistance service in advance. When you arrive at the airport, contact an assistant. We will assist you right up to taking your seat onboard the airplane. Please tell your assistant the best way to lift you or move you. When you return from your trip, we will assist you from the aircraft to the terminal and from there to the parking area, bus stops, train station or taxi stand. 

Helsinki airport

At Helsinki Airport, there are several call points where you can have a direct voice connection with an assistant. The call points are located in the parking halls, in front of the terminals, in the check-in area and at the airport train station. See the locations of the call points. We can give you general information about assistance service by phone +358 800 120 700 (Helsinki airport, 24h).

Finavia's regional airports 

At other Finavia airports, you can report to the check-in counter, with the following exceptions:

- At Ivalo Airport, report to the information desk.

- At Mariehamn and Vaasa Airports, report to a desk near the entrance.

- At Kemi-Tornio Airport, you can also report at the disabled parking.